Developing Subtle Energy Awareness skills to help you
Develop Higher Consciousness Living

Inspirit was founded in 1999, and in the ensuing 21 years has developed some of the most unique and extraordinary skills and techniques to work within subtle energy fields of consciousness. Pioneering within this 'invisible' realm, we have learned the truth of the statement 'all things are energy'. Sue Zange is a specialist at sensing, 'reading' and transforming these subtle energy flows. Having the experience of literally thousands of client sessions, and the delivery of a vast array of training courses in this field, her methods can be applied by anyone wishing to improve the quality of their lives, their creativity, their well-being and their future potentials.

Inspirit has been the leading presence in bringing 'healing through the body's energy field' forward into mainstream understanding. It is today one of the most advanced forms of alternative therapy available, offering clients the opportunity to improve every aspect of their lives.

Our training and development programmes are in the process of being updated, re-engineered and re-inspirited. Due to this year's circumstances, we will now be launching our new Programmes in 2021. Please contact us to register your interest for news and updates.

'Know Your Energy'

A unique understanding of the subtle flows of energy that surround you, and which run through your body. This new presentation will be available soon.

Available Soon

Fields of Consciousness

A more advanced understanding of how all life connects, and how we engage as creators with each other.

Available Soon

  • K.H. Malta

    "Sometimes the most challenging thing that we can do is to fully realise who we are, and to have the faith and conviction to be just that. Being true to yourself is liberating, and quite often daunting. Sue teaches and gives you a fundamental toolbox to help you on your journey, to see your own endless potential, and as new healing tools present themselves, you increase your skills in the wonderous ways of energetic healing. These gifts just keep revealing. In her courses, Sue approaches her training with great vigour, enthusiasm and joy, and everyone who knows her will agree, an abundance of humour."

  • A.T. Warwickshire

    "Sue is one of the most professional tutors I have ever had the privilege to meet. In all my business life, I have never met anyone like Sue who possesses that rare ability to ‘connect’ whole-heartedly with her student while delivering the highest level of teaching. The training I received from Sue has changed my life. My life’s purpose is now crystal clear, once you embark on this journey, there is no going back. Sue is a natural healer, reader and teacher; she excels at all these roles and shares her life so selflessly with us all. We are truly blessed to have her in our lives."

  • L.M. Worcestershire

    "Sue's wise and clear interpretations unlock limitless potentials for me in my business and in my personal life. Through Sue's energy mappings and courses my life has been enhanced, empowered and given a rich tapestry of positive experience due to Sue's wisdom and insight. Due to the positive change in my mental attitude my life is far more positive and fulfilling. I fully recommend Sue's amazing courses and energy mapping as an empowering and enriching way forward in business/daily life."

  • S.B. West Midlands

    "Sue has a wonderful approach to teaching and the knowledge and insight gained was fascinating, instructive and presented with great humour. Her clarity and insight are invaluable. Sue’s enthusiasm and passion is always extremely infectious. It was a quite magical experience which I would thoroughly recommend."

  • A.J. West Midlands

    "I have found Sue very supportive on the journey I have taken, she has helped me realise my potential. The methods and techniques I have learned from her have absolutely transformed my life and many of those around me. She has made me realise, that by doing it for yourself, you do it for others. I have seen the transformation around others and this has now become a way of life for me, making a positive difference wherever I go."

  • L.S. Worcestershire

    "Sue's enhanced skills will transform patterns, blocks and imbalances that are preventing you or your business from fulfilling your ambitions to succeed. Opening your mind to the invisible world of subtle energy will change your outlook on life. Sometimes without knowing why, we can find ourselves stagnant, losing focus and commitment to projects and endeavours. A mapping will help you make better choices for the places in which you live and work."

  • L.G. Derbyshire

    "I have attended several of Sue Zange's courses over the years and have found her to be an amazing teacher. Sue is a very caring and compassionate person whose knowledge of her subject area and delivery is second to none. Plus, you always leave her courses inspired, uplifted and hungry for more! Everyone, from whatever walk of life, would benefit from her teachings. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

  • C.W. West Midlands

    "The knowledge that I gained in the way that energy works and its impact on people, interactions with others and the environment was so valuable, it really is empowering in today’s world. Sue has a wealth of experience and knowledge. I must say she can be very humorous, as well. It’s a must."

  • K.F. Worcestershire

    "As well as being a wonderful inner journey of self-discovery, Sue's knowledge provides practical tools for energy management. In fact, what I loved most were the easy to follow, step-by-step tools that Sue shares with you so that you too can tap into the abundant energy that is there for us all to use. Sue is a wonderful transformer who makes everything so accessible and easy to understand."

Sue Zange - Energy Visionary

Sue is gifted with a rare combination of skills and abilities which enable her to sense, interpret and transform subtle invisible energies. Sue is a highly skilled clairsentient, able to sense vibrations and energies beyond the physical senses.

A natural born ‘sensitive’, Sue is gifted with the rare ability of ‘energy vision’ which enables her to see the movement and flows of subtle energies. Her higher level sensory skills enable her to scan and 'map' vibrational resonances, dynamics and connections. Read More/...