Inspirit has pioneered and developed unique training courses for spiritual growth and higher consciousness living

Subtle Energy

Electromagnetic fields of energy, flowing within and emanating from, all living things. Sue Zange (the founder of Inspirit) is a specialist in reading, interpreting and transforming these energy flows, forms and patterns. Sue has pioneered and developed unique skills within this field that will enhance and enrich your life. Read more about Subtle Energy/...

Energy Field Healing

At the core of all these developments is an in-depth knowledge of the human energy field. Techniques to clear, balance and realign its natural flows, helping us all to live more well. Developing an awareness and sensitivity to these energy flows is crucial to understand how we create, connect and interact in all our life process.

Training and Events

Discover what you need to know about the invisible energies that affect every thought, feeling, action and decision you make. Training courses, events and products have been produced by Sue Zange, incorporating knowledge and skills that will enhance and transform your life management skills. Read more/...

Inspirit Founder - Sue Zange

Sue Zange is a leading pioneer within the development of awareness of subtle energies. With the ability to sense, interpret and transform subtle energies, she has worked within this specialist field for 21 years. A natural born ‘sensitive’, Sue is a highly skilled and experienced transformer. She has the rare ability of ‘energy vision’ which allows her to see the movement and presence of these invisible subtle energies.

Her first book 'The Energies of Your Life' was written to inform the public of the fundamentals of understanding energy. Offered from the wealth of knowledge Sue has gained in first-hand experience of client work, helping others improve their lives and well-being, her skills offer everyone the opportunity to gain awareness and transformation. A highly respected Teacher and Speaker, Sue’s knowledge pours out to her audience… offering you the real secret to life empowerment.

20th Anniversary!

2019 saw the 20th Anniversary of Inspirit. Bringing two decades of development to you - we were proud to announce the launch of the Grow Inspirit Magazine - bringing goodness to life! More news coming in Newsletters. (Please CONTACT us if you are not receiving your Newsletter in your inbox.)

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10th Anniversary!

2019 Saw the special 10th Anniversary of the Launch of Joa's Light - Products to Inspire and Empower. Watch out for the product discount codes and special presentation events. Visit

Presentations for 2020

The schedule for public presentations and training courses with Sue Zange, for 2020, has been postponed to 2021 due to current global circumstances.

Celebrating 20 years Inspirit

We are very proud to announce the launch of the new Joa's Light publication - Grow Inspirit Magazine. A quarterly printed (and online) magazine to help you develop higher consciousness living. Visit

  • E.J. London

    “I am in awe at some of the experiences I have had and the techniques I have been taught. Such things are priceless and have definitely enhanced how I approach life and how I manage my life. The experiences I have had as part of the training have been mind blowing; I have overcome challenges and experienced growth beyond my thinking. To see people overcome their fear and make positive changes to their lives is such an honour and blessing, I can’t imagine who wouldn’t want to be part of that!”

  • C.L. Lancashire

    "Sue is indeed a gifted lady. Studying with her has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever been privileged to be part of. Sue has a 'common sense' approach to teaching and ensures that all her students receive the highest quality of awareness. As a direct result, I have gained knowledge, insight and a greater level of self awareness that I have not been able to achieve anywhere else. This awesome experience is a must for anyone interested in searching for a greater understanding of their life."

  • C.C. London

    "I felt blessed to be there and privileged to have learnt from Sue all the skills that make my life happier and more meaningful. I had an amazing journey during the training, my awareness grew dramatically and I've started the discovery of who I really am. Yes my life has changed and I want to carry on with self discovery as I think it's the most amazing journey in life. I can't recommend it enough... it will change your life! "

  • L.M. Worcestershire

    "This training was life changing for me personally and has inspired and informed my work. Sue embodies her gift and offers this with great integrity and kindness. I have found Sue an inspiration and am so grateful that she has been a part of my journey. The teachings I have received have given me an inner peace on a very deep level and I now know that I am responsible for my own creations and wellbeing and when I live from my higher-self, life is truly filled with beauty and joy. I highly recommend and urge anyone to experience Sue’s teachings, they will find them life changing,inspiring and transformational."

  • S.K. West Midlands

    "Sue’s teachings have offered me the opportunity to learn innovative and powerful techniques which have limitless potential. Delivered in her inspirational, unimitable style, Sue has enabled me to explore aspects of my own personal development which have expanded the boundaries of my comprehension, re-kindled my inquisitive thirst for knowledge, and opened my awareness. This is a truly magical experience. If this opportunity to learn and grow comes your way, grasp it with both hands, it will enhance your soul"