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Teacher Training Programmes for Inspired and Enlightened Teachers...

Many of the highly successful Inspirit training courses which have run over 14 years, are now available to Teachers who would like to progress their service career path, on the Inspirit Teacher Training Development Programme.


If you would like to become a teacher in a specialist field, then consider developing your higher potential for teaching:

  • Subtle Energy Awareness
  • Visualisation and Meditation
  • Energy Protection
  • Professional Energy Field Healing

Subtle Energy Awareness Programme created by Sue ZangeEnhance Your Light Visualisation Programme created by Sue Zange

The Inspirit Teacher Training Development Programme is open to all those who would like to develop their path as a teacher by offering high quality educational programmes for personal and spiritual development. These Learning Programmes are created for Teachers who would like to inspire people to become empowered in their own higher potential, and gain deeper spiritual understanding of life.

Welcome to Inspirit -

Offering Unique training in Subtle Energies
and Spiritual Growth

Welcome to Inspirit ~ the Centre for Energy Field Awareness.

Founded by Sue Zange in 1999, Inspirit has specialised in providing an exclusive range of training courses in Subtle Energy Awareness, Advanced Energy Field Healing, spiritual growth and personal development.

Having pioneered and developed the extraordinary advanced healing techniques of Energy Field Healing for over 14 years, Sue Zange is now focused on the Inspirit Teacher Training Development Programme in which she is sharing her years of knowledge and exclusive training course content, with those who would like to teach others.

You can find details of the Teacher Training on offer with Inspirit by browsing this website.

If you would like to learn all about subtle energies, self-healing and personal growth and development, then please navigate around the site, gain information, and click on the links to the various training websites offering Sue’s unique course content, to see what is available to help you. And please don't forget to add your email to our Newsletter list below, so you can keep up to date with developments.

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  • A unique guide to understanding your energy field and the subtle energy transactions that affect every aspect of your life!